December 6, 2023

When Taylor Klein, an engineering scholar, receives a message from a buddy advising her to open a hyperlink, she’s cautious. Ultimately she clicks, and finds herself staring again at herself. Taylor’s face has been stolen to make a deepfake video, which was posted along with her private data on a pornography website.

The documentary “One other Physique” takes us into this cowardly new world, one by which the pictures of an individual — most frequently a girl — may be lifted from social media and digitally repurposed.

When Taylor contacted the police to report what she thought was a criminal offense, she didn’t get far. Presently solely 5 states have legal guidelines making nonconsensual deepfake pornography a felony act.

The movie, directed by Sophie Compton and Reuben Hamlyn, follows Taylor as she makes an attempt to trace down the particular person accountable. Alongside the best way, she discovers two others whose faces have additionally been used for deepfake porn: Julia, a girl she acknowledges from faculty, and Gibi, an ASMR actor and streamer.

The twist is that Taylor’s and Julia’s names are pseudonyms and that they’re portrayed by “face veil” actors (that know-how got here to the fore within the documentary “Welcome to Chechnya”).

“One other Physique” is most persuasive when consultants weigh in on the reality-upending elements of deepfake know-how and image-based intercourse abuse. That the documentary does this by using a few of that know-how to guard Taylor and Julia’s identities raises its personal moral questions — ones that, even with the filmmakers’ compassion and transparency, “One other Physique” doesn’t fairly resolve.

One other Physique
Not rated. Working time: 1 hour 20 minutes. In theaters.

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