September 27, 2023

Diamond, Moon Lady is such an essential character for various causes. Due to her, issues like illustration and STEM are put into the superhero highlight. How does it really feel so that you can deliver a personality like this to life? Did you are feeling any stress taking up such an essential position?

White: There was numerous stress, however my identify is Diamond, so it made sense. [laughs] No, there was a ton of stress, as a result of I understand how essential this position is for lots of people, together with myself. However I needed to simply faucet into my playful 13-year-old weirdo, as a result of Lunella is all about quantum physics, all about her books, and that’s what makes her a superhero, as a result of technically she would not have any superpowers. She’s simply one of many smartest folks within the Marvel universe. So it is cool to be that child that is like, your head within the books to quantum physics. It is superior.

For me, it is actually cool doing the screaming. [laughs] In fact, doing the music and taking part in off of [my co-star Libe Barer], as effectively. She performs my finest pal, Casey. [“Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” is about] all that friendship, group, and defending the LES [Lower East Side]. It is an important present.

Fred, you have been a mainstay of the Marvel universe and have offered voices to a ton of characters like Hulk, The Factor, Juggernaut, and Beast. Actually, we might spend this whole interview naming all of the folks you have performed. So how does it really feel to tackle a personality like Satan Dinosaur, who’s such a departure from the opposite ones that you’ve got performed?

Tatasciore: What I like about Satan Dinosaur is, although he’s a dinosaur, there’s such humanity and that is the sort of factor I need to deliver to animation. I like with the ability to be that character, somebody who loves Lunella, would do something for her, protects his household, his pals. However he is a 10-ton canine. He is a sweetheart. I like what that they had him be. He is a musician, he loves to color, he is a cuddler, he is a very good soul. And as powerful and scary a pressure of nature as he’s, his coronary heart is even larger.

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